Our Wellness area offers a complete range of massages, skin care and various wellness treatments. Let us transport you into an oasis of well-being by taking advantage of the know-how of our qualified staff.

A fitness area is available to our customers with all necessary facilities for cardio and weight training exercises.

All our neutral oil massages are given with a sunflower oil base.
Mainly enriched with Omega-6, this oil is softening and nourishing and prevents dehydration of the skin.


Traditional massage 25′

Relaxing back or leg massage
Neutral oil 25′ CHF 60.-
Toning or relaxing essential oils 25′ CHF65.-
Argan oil 25′ CHF75.-

Traditional Massage 50′

Relaxing full body massage
Neutral oil 50′ CHF 105.-
Essential oil 50′ CHF115.-
Argan oil 50′ CHF125.-


“Letting go” massage 25′ CHF 60.-

The therapist starts by massaging the solar plexus, the arms, and then moves up to the head to finally massage the skull, which allows for a unique moment of escape.

Massage for Children 25′ CHF 60.-

This massage with neutral oil is offered to children from 6 years old. This can also be done in duo with a parent.

“Plenitude” massage 75′ CHF 110.-

This treatment, offered essentially in summer, is a refreshing and toning massage with mint and lime oil. The therapist massages you both by hand and with cold stones.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Lymphatic drainage is a massage technique which uses light pressure to help improve the circulation of the lymph.
Duration 50′ CHF 110.-
Duration 75′ CHF 145.-

Foot Reflexology 50′ CHF 110.-

Foot massage that fights stress and tension in the body by stimulating specific points.


Hot Stone Massage 75′

With the help of the stones’ warmth, your muscles will relax deeply. This massage provides instant relaxation and total well-being for body and mind.
Neutral oil CHF 140.-
Argan oil CHF 160.-

Ayurvedic Massage 75′ CHF 160.-

Ayurveda is a massage of the entire body derived from Indian medicine, and is above all a rebalancing treatment. By following specific points, the therapist will harmonise both the body and the mind.

Lomi-Lomi Massage 50′ CHF 130.-

Hawaiian massage with coconut oil. Performed mainly with the forearms and elbows, it uses large movements, which provide a very enveloping and relaxing sensation.

Possibility to do the massage in duo

Thai massage

This treatment is performed on a floor mat and dressed in loose clothing. Using large stretching exercises, Thai massage stimulates blood circulation and flexibility.
Duration 50′ CHF 120.-
Duration 75′ CHF 160.-

Watsu 45′ CHF 90.-

Try this gentle practice, done in warm water, combining movements, stretching and rocking.


Shiatsu is a Japanese therapy that means “finger pressure”. It rebalances the soul, body and mind by working on the meridian points that carry vital energy.
Duration 50′ CHF 120.-
Duration 75′ CHF 150.-

  • All treatments booked and not cancelled or postponed 24h in advance will be charged.