Beauty treatments

Wellness à la carte Facial or body care, essential oils application, relaxing therapy, our program mixes the performance of active principles with wellness pleasure.


Vitacology Facial Care 75′ CHF 120.-

This facial cleansing is carried out with a range of organic and natural products. It ends with a small facial massage to improve the elasticity of your skin.

Facial cleaning 60′ CHF 110.-

Get a new skin by removing dead cells, impurities and blackheads.

Anti-cellulite treatment

This specific treatment is performed on the adipose tissues and consists of a localised peeling, an anti-cellulite massage and a mud wrap.
Duration 75′ CHF 120.-
Duration 90′ CHF 140.-

Body peeling

Rediscover a soft and silky skin through the removal of dead cells. After the scrub, you rest for a moment in the heating blanket, and the treatment ends with a wrap with scented moisturising oil.
Duration 30′ CHF 60.-
Duration 60′ CHF 130.-

Seaweed wrap 45′ CHF 95.-

A mixture of seaweeds will remineralise the body tissues by providing them with trace elements for a detoxifying and relaxing effect.

Body ritual 60′ CHF 125.-

During this ritual, you will enjoy a whole body scrub, followed by a whole body massage.

Complete ritual 120′ CHF 230.-

Ritual including facial cleansing, body scrub and body massage.

Lipolaser 40′ CHF 140.-

Lipolaser reduces accumulated cellulite by stimulating the evacuation of fat cells, which will release excess fat into the bloodstream and allow gradual evacuation.


An emission of very high frequency electromagnetic waves will create a heating in the subcutaneous tissue, which will cause the destruction of certain fat cells and will improve firmness and skin tension.
Face 40′ CHF 140.-
Body 50′ CHF 140.-
  • All treatments booked and not cancelled or postponed 24h in advance will be charged.

Manicure and Pedicure

Pedicure express 30′ CHF 45.-
Pedicure express + semi-permanent varnish 45′ CHF 60.-
Traditional Pedicure 75′ CHF 100.-
Manicure express 30′ CHF 45.-
Manicure express + semi-permanent varnish 45′ CHF 60.-
Traditional manicure 75′ CHF 100.-

Hair Removal

Brows CHF 15.-
Lip CHF 12.-
Armpits CHF 18.-
Arms CHF 25.-
Bikini CHF 25.-
Full bikini CHF 45.-
Chest CHF 25.-
Back CHF 28.-
½ legs CHF 42.-
½ legs + Bikini CHF 54.-
½ legs + Bikini + Armpits CHF 64.-
Full legs CHF 62.-
Full legs + Bikini CHF 75.-
Full legs+ Bikini + Armpits CHF 84.-

Therapeutic care

In good hands Improve blood circulation, eliminate toxins and boost the muscular relaxation are the main principles of our specialists.
All treatments booked and not cancelled or postponed 24h in advance will be charged. Some treatments are reimbursed by supplementary insurance, ask for more information!


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